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Exploitation in Washington Sate

Sex trafficking doesn't always look like the movie or media stereotypes. Exploitation can be as simple as trading sex for money, clothing, or a place to stay. If a person is being forced or coerced in any way, if they feel like they don't have any other options, it's exploitative.

Quick Facts

  • The average age that a child enters "the life" is 13 years old. 

  • Of youth who are homeless, 58.7 of LGBT youth and 33.4% of heterosexual youth are being sexually exploited.

  • 27% of traffickers are female. 

  • Trafficking affects people of all genders-approximately 28% of trafficking survivors are male.

Our Services Include:

  • Emotional Support

  • Safer Sex Kits (Morning After Pills, Condoms, Pregnancy Tests, etc.)

  • Medical Advocacy

  • Safety Planning

  • Civil Legal Aid

  • Court Accompaniment

  • Information & Referrals

  • Support Groups 

  • Presentations

  • Community Education

If you are interested in having someone to talk to, someone to hear you, someone to support you...we're here. Contact us at 360-425-1176

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