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Emergency Support Shelter Annual Faceboo

Nomination Statement:

Detective Slaven is a lead Detective and has worked numerous major crimes cases involving victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child sexual assault, child pornography, as well as human trafficking during his tenure as an investigator for the Kelso Police Department for the past 5 years. Detective Slaven is passionate about the pursuit of justice for these victims, working countless hours of overtime, and following up on every possible lead available to make the best case, and provide the best outcome for these victims.  This requires considerable sacrifice on his part, to include time away from his own family and children during work on these complex and often lengthy investigations.

Detective Slaven has developed solid working relationships with outside agencies to further assist with these cases, including our local law enforcement partners within Cowlitz County, as well as agencies from other states, including various federal law enforcement partners to include the FBI, ATF, and the Department of Homeland Security. Detective Slaven also works closely with our local prosecutor’s office, as well as the office of the Assistant United States Attorney’s  whenever these cases have risen to the level of being considered for federal prosecution.  This dedication and team work within the framework of the prosecution team has ultimately resulted in better case presentation, and better results for victims and their families at the time of trial. 

Detective Slaven is dedicated, hardworking, and committed to going above and beyond seeking justice for the victims of these crimes. For these reasons, I believe he exemplifies the positive difference for victims that is representative of  the legacy of advocacy of Sister Rose Marie-Nigro.

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Estrella Barron-Lopez

Detective Roy Slaven

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Joe Thuney

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