Domestic Violence Advocacy & Shelter


Advocacy Services

We offer 24/7 crisis intervision to provide personal, non-judgemental support to female, male, and non-binary victims of domestic violence.

Support Groups

Our confidential confidential groups are free and open to women in the community who are/have been victims of domestic violence.

Safe Temporary Housing

We provide safe temporary shelter for female victims of domestic violence and their children. We have 16 private rooms and 5 cribs available for shelter.  The allowable stay is 60 days with extensions available in extenuating circumstances.

Hope Project


Advocacy & Support

Hope project serves anyone affected by sexual assault or abuse.
Hope Project Advocates listen, offer validation, support and information about resources that are available to help.  We offer support whether or not a crime has been reported to law enforcement.  Hope Project has a partnership with PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center that allows Hope Advocates to provide support to every victim of sexual assault who presents in the emergency department, any time day or night.


Community Education

Hope Project is committed to providing education and resources in the community as we strive to prevent sexual violence together.  We are available to do presentations or trainings to businesses, organizations, church and community groups. 

Individual Appointments

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault or abuse, know that you are not alone. People can and do heal from sexual abuse and we are here to help in that process. 

Advocacy Services Include:

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Medical Advocacy

  • Legal Advocacy

  • Individual Appointments

  • Referrals & Information

Crime Victim Advocacy Program


Advocacy & Services

This program is for residents of Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties who are victims of a crime other than domestic violence and sexual assault. ​The crime does not need to have been reported to law enforcement to receive our services.

Services Include:

  • Safety planning

  • Support & Validation

  • Aid in making police reports

  • Help to navigate the court system

  • Help filling out protection orders

  • Court accompaniment

  • Address Confidentiality Program

  • Assistance with Crime Victim Compensation

  • Direct referrals to community resources

Resilience Project

Helping Hand

Advocacy & Services

We work with survivors of sexual exploitation, sex workers, friend and family members with a loved one in the sex trade, and at-risk individuals. All of our services are completely free and confidential. We believe you and will let you guide your own process. We will meet you with support, wherever you are in your journey & with no judgement.


If you or someone you know has ever traded sex for a place to stay, food, money, drugs, etc. you can speak with a Resilience Project Advocate - all services are free and confidential.  Advocates in this program are available to provide information and education about how to recognize common signs of sex trafficking to schools, businesses, organizations, churches, etc. to help you learn how to safely respond and report to police and/or the National Human Trafficking Hotline.  

Services Include:

  • Emotional Support

  • Safer Sex Kids (Morning After Pill, Condoms, Pregnancy Test, etc.)

  • Medical Advocacy

  • Safety Planning

  • Civil Legal Aid

  • Court Accompaniment

  • Information and Referrals

  • Support Groups

  • Presentations

  • Consulitations

  • Community Education