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Thanks to our community we have reached Our $100,000 Goal!


Austi Baudro

Over the years I've attended different fundraisers for the Emergency Support Shelter and have supported them from afar. However, about a couple years ago, I felt the tug to do more than just support financially. After reading human trafficking survivor, Rebecca Bender's autobiography, I knew there were women and kids in my own community who were hurting in similar ways and I couldn't ignore that tug any longer. 


I knew that I wanted to volunteer, but didn't know what would be the best fit for me. After filling out and submitting my volunteer packet, Sarah reached out to talk about possibilities. Over coffee, she suggested that the board is a great place for me to start because of my background and current career in marketing. While chatting with Sarah, I knew that this was something I needed to do and was excited for the opportunity to serve my community and those who have been victims of domestic and sexual abuse. 


I'm new to the board, but I feel honored to be a part in making decisions that advocate for staff, programs, and initiatives that support our community.

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